Study in Australia

Violence and in Karachi has compelled my people to move to other countries.  Educated young men and women are immigrating to western countries, Australia, America and Canada in large numbers.  This month I got the news that my nephew Aamir has got Canadian immigrant visa. My wife told me about that a close relative is also moving to Australia.

Australia has become an ideal destination for young Pakistanis  because of the opportunities there. My son, who is also an engineer, is searching for information on these countries. He wants to go to there for education. A number of his teachers and close friends have studied in Australia. Some of them have settled down there after completing their education. He thinks they will be able to provide him accommodation during his stay in Australia.

One day he asked me about how to find hotel deals in Australia. I told him about a popular travel website where he can find information about australia hotels. He used the tools offered by the website to find hotels. He liked the way information was presented to him by the site’s search tool. It offered him complete details about hotels and presented him the option to book a hotel using a secure reservation service.

One can also book flights and hire cars  using this travel website. I would like to tell my blog readers about its section ‘Visa Assistance’. This section helps travelers find information about embassies/consulates and other information such as visa fees and processing times. One can create an account on the website to know about  new offers.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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