Pfizer vaccine is 64% effective against Corona Type Delta

The Code 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer-Bio-Tech is one of the few effective vaccines in the world with an efficacy of over 90%.

However, the vaccine is not as effective against the new corona virus Delta.

This was revealed in a preliminary investigation conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The study compared the 95% efficacy of the vaccine against the early strains of the virus with the delta strain.

This type, which first appeared in India, has caused more than 90% of new cases in Israel in the last two weeks.

Data collected during the study in June indicated that people who took two doses of the Pfizer vaccine could get up to 64% protection against the Delta type.

However, research has shown that the vaccine is up to 93% effective in preventing the severity of the disease and hospitalization.

The researchers said that the Delta type is highly contagious, but the results indicate that the use of the vaccine helps to protect people from the seriousness of the covid and death.

Earlier, a May 2021 study by Public Health England found that Pfizer / Bio-N Tech and covid vaccine developed by the University of AstraZeneca / Oxford were highly effective against this new strain of corona virus.

In comparison, the astraZeneca vaccine has a 60% efficacy against Delta.

According to Public Health England, the possible reason for the difference in efficacy of the two vaccines is that the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is given at longer intervals than the Pfizer vaccine.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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