Many people who beat Covid-19 experience various symptoms for months, for which the term Long-Covid is used.

Many people who beat Covid-19 experience various symptoms for months. Medical experts use long Covid for such this condition. Now they have discovered a major cause of the long Covid.

It is estimated that one in 10 or one in 3 patients develop long covid after defeating the Covid-19.

It is not yet clear whether long-covid symptoms are directly the result of the virus or that stress and trauma in the body as a result of the disease are the causes.

Britain’s Imperial College London has discovered specific patterns of antibodies in long-covid patients that are not that is not seen in other patients or healthy people.

Researchers have called it auto antibodies that attack healthy body tissues instead of fighting diseases and the disease continues to persist.

Long-covid patients can experience multiple symptoms including severe fatigue, breathing difficulties, muscle pain and headache for months.

Researchers said it is difficult to say how many daily cases of long-covid  may emerge in the near future, but it is devastating for young people whose lives could be severly damaged.

After the discovery of this auto antibodies pattern, the researchers are working on to develop blood tests that can diagnose long-covid.

Professor Altman is working on the preparation of this blood test and he says that it is expected that in 6 months we will have a blood test that will allow ordinary doctors to diagnose long-covid.

For this purpose, blood samples of several covid patients and dozens of people who have been protected from the disease were collected.

For this purpose, blood samples were collected from patients with various covid patients and dozens of people who survived the disease.

Testing samples discovered auto antibodies in long-coud patients who were not in healthy people.

Examination of the samples revealed auto-antibodies in Long-covid patients which were not in healthy individuals.

Although antibodies act as an important defensive weapon to protect against diseases, the immune system often creates auto antibodies that accidentally attack healthy cells in the body.

Earlier, a team from Yale University discovered that some patients with Covid have antibodies that attack the organ, tissues and immune system.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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