Whatsapp Tricks and tips

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

There are some amazing features in WhatsApp. Users can will change the style of their chatting. Today I will tell you about 5 such unique features. With these feature you can attract people on WhatsApp. I will tell you some such tips, by which you will be able to make text bold, italicized during chatting. Also, you will know how to make making GIF from video.

How To Make Video To GIF

Go to the text bar and select the video, after which some text options will appear along with the video. At the same time, the video option appears on the top, from where you can crop the video. If you keep the timing of the video less than 5 seconds, it becomes a GIF video. You will be able to crop any part of the video and make a GIF in 5 seconds. But the size of the video should be less than 64MB.

Make text bold

To make WhatsApp text bold, users have to add a star ( * ) at the beginning and end of the text. After this the text will become bold. Wherever you place this star at the beginning and end of the word or sentence, it will become bold.

Make text italic

To make the text italic, the user has to add an underscore (_) sign at the beginning and end of the text. After that that text will become italic.

How to make typewriter text?

To give typewriter style to text, you need to add three closing inverted commas (”’) at the beginning of any text. In this way you will be able to write the text in typewriting style.

Know who has read your message and at what time

If you want to know who has ignored your message after reading it. Can be detected on both iOS and Android platforms.

Swipe left on any message you’ve sent to a group on iOS, so you’ll see who has seen your message at what time.

On Android, long press the message sent to the group, after which the I button will appear at the top, by clicking on which it will be possible to find out who has seen your message at what time.


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