Twitter Introduces New Reply Control Feature

Twitter often introduces new features for the convenience of its users. This time Twitter has introduced a feature that will provide significant convenience to users. Microblogging   site  Twitter  has  solved a long-standing  problem of users  by  bringing  a new    reply  feature  on        twitter,   now  users  will be able to get more control over their  tweets. 

The micro-blogging site Twitter has solved a long-standing problem of users by introducing this a new feature. It is related to replies to Twitter. Now users will be able to gain more control over their tweets.To limit   the reply   to the tweet, the       blogging      website        introduced  a  feature in  2020  last  year,  but  it  has now been further      modified.   Users  will be    able to decide    who    can  reply  to    their    tweets    before  tweeting.   That is,     this way certain  people    can be   allowed    to do so. 

Twitter had  introduced a feature  in 2020 to limit replies to tweets, but this feature has now been further modified. Users will be able to decide who can reply to their tweets before they tweet. That is, it will allow certain people to do so.In a blog post on Twitter’s website, Suzanne Zhi, director of product management, says users will be given three options before tweeting. Upon selecting the first option, any user will be free to respond to the tweet. In the second option, only users who have been followed will be able to reply. While only the users mentioned in the third and last option will be eligible to reply.

The blog  says    that the     purpose    of      introducing  this  feature      is to    protect  users’  tweets  and  further  improve  interaction.   



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