Microsoft Announces Windows 365 Operating System

Microsoft Corporation yesterday announced its latest operating system “Windows 365” and said that it will be released on August 2, 2021. It is initially it was only for business and commercial enterprises

According to reports, the new Windows operating system will use “cloud computing service”. This means that the operating system will be installed on an online computer (cloud server) and not on the user’s computer.

All utility software running windows 365 will also be installed on the same cloud server.

This also meant that a low-powered computer, tablet or smartphone would also be sufficient to use Windows 365.   However, in any case, a permanent Internet connection will be required.

It also means that a low-powered computer, tablet or smartphone will be enough run Windows 365. However, an user will require a permanent Internet connection.

In addition, users will need a browsers or apps to access Windows 365. 

Microsoft has already moved Office 365 and Xbox streaming to its Azure Cloud. Windows 365 is being touted as the next most important step in that direction.

Announcing Windows 365 at the “Microsoft Ignite” conference yesterday, Microsoft Corporation did not mention any how it

Currently, we don’t even know when this OS will be available to general users.



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