Trace Pegasus spyware

The spy who entered your phone is no longer well: No need to be afraid of spyware like Pegasus; Catch a spy on your iPhone in 30 minutes with the iMazing app.

iPhone users can now find out if their phone has Pegasus spyware. Switzerland’s Geneva-based Digi DNA has developed an iMazing app for iOS that detects spyware on the iPhone. It can also be used to locate Pegasus.

The company has used Amnesty’s Mobile Verification Toolkit to design this app, which will also work on Mac or Windows computers . This tool can be used on Mac or Windows computer. With the help of this, it can be traced whether your phone has suffered a Pegasus attack or not.

To detect Pegasus spyware on iPhone, you’ll first need to install a newer version of the iMazing app on your Mac or Windows.

This update will be completely free. To use all its services, license payment is not required.

After installing iMazing on the computer, click on the option to try it for the first time.

You can connect your iPhone to computer using a Lightning USB cable to detect Pegasus spyware.
After this, many options will be seen on the right hand side. Scrolling down through these options can detect spyware.

Press the Next button to connect with the spyware detection tool.
The iMazing app will now ask you to download a new Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) file from the server.

After downloading, the app will ask you to enable backup encryption along with creating a local backup of your iPhone data for analysis. This will password protect your backup.
iMazing will now start backing up your data. You don’t need to do anything manually on your part as the app will automate the backup.
Once the backup process is done, iMazing will decrypt the data and analyze the files for Pegasus spyware.
After this, notifications of spyware attacks will start getting. It takes about half an hour for iMazing to complete this process.

Digi DNA advises users to approach their service team for further analysis. The company also suggests that if you have received a positive report of a spyware attack and you or your family members are involved in politics, you should remove your SIM card and turn off your iPhone.



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