The effectiveness of vaccines may decline over time, but solid protection remains, research reports

Protection against coronavirus from vaccines decreases over time, but the risk of hospitalization is much lower even weeks after vaccination.

This is released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention three research reports were stated in.

The data from these research reports came as the United States decided to give people a third dose of the vaccine from September.

CDC Director Rochelle Valensky said during a briefing at the White House that an analysis of data from late July to early August revealed three points.

One point, he said, is that vaccine protection against Covid-19 decreases over time, and another is that the vaccine’s efficacy remains solid to prevent serious disease, hospitalization and death. The third is that the effectiveness of the vaccine as a whole has declined against the Delta variant..

All three reports, published in the CDC’s weekly scientific journal, reinforce the idea that vaccines alone cannot eradicate the epidemic.

Experts from the New York State Department of Health and the Albany School of Public Health, who were involved in the study, said face masks and other precautions should be part of vaccination.

All three research reports examined the efficacy of the vaccine and compared the rate of illness or hospitalization in vaccinated individuals with those who did not use vaccines.

A study in New York looked at the rate of vaccine protection in the state with the spread of the delta.

The researchers found that the efficacy of vaccines had declined slightly, from 92 percent in May to 80 percent in late July.

During this period, 20% of new cases in New York State and 15% of patients admitted to hospitals from Covid-19 were those who had been vaccinated.

Another study examined the effectiveness of vaccines in nursing home residents in view of the spread of Delta.

The results found that the efficacy of vaccines was 75% from March to May, which dropped to 53% in June and July.

The third study analyzed patients from 21 hospitals in 18 states and found a solid precaution against hospitalization after vaccination.

During summer months, when the corona-type delta was spreading rapidly, the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent hospital admissions remained at 86 percent.

Vaccines were 90% effective in adults with weak immune systems.

According to researchers, a number of factors affect the effectiveness of vaccines.

For example, if people avoid immunizations such as face masks after vaccination, their immune system may be weakened.

One criterion, the researchers said, is that if people who do not use the vaccine to gain immunity through the disease, the effectiveness of the vaccine will also decrease.

He said that such research reports prove the importance of coronavirus vaccines and their limitations.

“If precautions are not taken, we will see more and more breakthrough infections. Vaccines are very, very helpful, but they alone cannot eradicate the code,” he said.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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