A good quality mask offers better protection against Covid-19 indoors

It is important to use good quality face masks to prevent the spread of corona virus within the walls.

This was revealed in a medical study – shutter stock photo

This was revealed in a medical study in Canada .

The University of Waterloo study examined the effectiveness of face masks using puppets.

The study looked at the risk of people wearing face masks spreading the disease by breathing in people sitting in a large room.

Research has shown that the accumulation of tiny particles or aerosol droplets in the air by breathing seems to occur in the atmosphere, even if ordinary cloth masks and surgical masks are used.

These tiny particles can hang and travel in the air and increase the risk of disease in humans.

The researchers said that there is no doubt that using any type of face mask is beneficial in protecting the code when people are near or far in a room, but the effectiveness of different types of masks varies greatly. Especially when it comes to controlling aerosols.

Previous research reports have found that tiny viral particles excreted by people infected with Covid-19 are a source of disease transmission.

The new study found that the most commonly used face masks (cloth masks) filter 10% of the tiny particles that come out of the mouth due to their fitting problems, while the rest of the particles are from the top of the mask. Go out without being filtered.

In contrast, the more expensive N95 and KN95 masks filter more than 50% of aerosol particles, and the rest can accumulate inside the walls and cause coughing in people.

The researchers said that it is okay to use cloth masks and surgical masks in the open air, but N95 and KN95 masks should be used as much as possible inside the walls, such as in schools or offices.

“That’s why the medical staff uses N95 masks that work better, and our results have been substantiated by solid statistics and analysis,” he said.

The study also looked at the effects of air drainage systems in a place and found that even a moderate rate of air drainage in a place is effective in reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal ‘Journal of Physics.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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