Social media sites have begun using various digital methods to protect pro-American people in Afghanistan.

Leading  technology companies have also stepped in to protect those working for the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan from the Taliban.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have started using various methods to protect individuals affiliated with pro-US and human rights organizations in Afghanistan. Below is how these companies are providing digital security to pro-American people.


Facebook is removing Taliban-related content from its platforms around the world. In Afghanistan, users’ ability to view friends’ lists has also been temporarily blocked. After that, the people in Afghanistan can neither see the people in another person’s friend list nor can they find a person by name.

Facebook has also introduced a new feature called ‘One Click Tool’ for its users in Afghanistan, under which anyone can lock their accounts. The purpose of introducing this tool is to ensure that people who are not on your friends list will not be able to share your timeline post or profile picture.


The Twitter administration has directly requested the Internet Archives to destroy the archived tweets of Twitter users in Afghanistan (tweets that have been preserved as evidence) as soon as possible. At the same time, Twitter has begun temporarily shutting down accounts.

In this regard, the Twitter administration says that if the user is not able to access accounts that contain endangered information such as direct messages or followers, the company will temporarily suspend those accounts until then. Will suspend until the user regains access and deletes their content.

Twitter is also monitoring accounts linked to government agencies. And Twitter is also temporarily suspending accounts that reveal someone’s identity.


Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has begun temporarily hiding the connections of its users in Afghanistan. So that other users can’t see them.



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