Data released on the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines for the prevention of delta

Covid-19 vaccines manufactured by Chinese companies are very effective in preventing corona type delta.

This was revealed in two different medical research reports in China.

According to a study , vaccines developed by Chinese companies to control the Delta epidemic in the Chinese province of Guangzhou proved to be 59% effective in preventing symptomatic disease.

The study found that two doses of the Chinese vaccine provided 70.2% protection against mild symptoms of the disease, while their effectiveness in preventing serious symptoms was 100%.

This is said to be the first real-world data on the effectiveness of Chinese companies’ vaccines against the corona-type delta.

The study was based on data from 153 confirmed cases of epidemics and 475 close contacts in Guangzhou between May 18 and June 20.

Research has shown that vaccines from Chinese companies are still effective in preventing the Delta type.

Of the 105 cases examined, 105 had mild to moderate symptoms, while 16 had severe symptoms.

However, patients with severe symptoms were not vaccinated.

Of those surveyed, 61.3 percent used two doses of the sinovac vaccine, while 27.5 percent used the sinophorm vaccine.

10.4% of people used a combination of the two companies’ vaccines.

The study also found, based on limited samples, that the efficacy of single-shot vaccines against Covid-19 was only 14%.

Research has shown that two-dose Chinese vaccines are more effective against the disease in women than in men.

The use of these vaccines was found to have a mild disease prevention rate of 70.4% in men and 79.1% in women.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal “Emerging Microbes and Infections”.

The second study, conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, examined the effects of three doses of vaccine developed by Anhui Zefi Longcom Biopharmaceuticals.

Examination of 28 serum samples from people who used the vaccine revealed that the vaccine was capable of inactivating several types of corona.

The researchers said that the vaccine maintains its effectiveness against the highly contagious type of corona, Delta.

However, research has shown that the vaccine is less effective against corona strains beta and gamma.

The vaccine was approved for emergency use in March 2021 in China and Uzbekistan.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal The Lancet.

This was revealed in 2 different medical research reports in China – shutter stock photo


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