Samsung introduces virtual RAM

Smartphone companies have introduced RAM-enhancing technology for various smartphones by Chinese companies

Virtual RAM is a technique that enables system to convert storage memory into volatile memory.

So far, Samsung phones do not have such technology, but now the South Korean company has started introducing this new technology for its smartphones users.

The company has started with the Galaxy A52S. For this purpose, it has used a new program called RAM Plus.  After software update Galaxy A52S will get 4GB of virtual RAM. The basic purpose of this virtual RAM enhancement is to keep more apps open on the RAM

It says that it will gradually introduce virtual ram in  the entry level and midrange Galaxy phones.

We all know that today’s smartphones have a number of cameras, megapixels and features that require good RAM.

Unlike computers, physical RAM cannot be added to smartphones, and virtual RAM technology has emerged to fill that gap.

For this purpose, with the help of software, RAM memory is expanded through volatile system storage.

This software reduces startup time by starting apps using streamline processes and improves the phone’s processing power.

Xiaomi, RealMe, Oppo and Vivo have already added the option of virtual RAM in various phones and this is done at the developer level in the Android system.

Samsung has also developed a virtual RAM for Galaxy devices called RAM Plus.

No official announcement has been made by the company so far and it is not clear how long this feature will be extended to other Galaxy phones



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