iPhone 13 Pro: For those who love photography

IPhone 13 Pro has been launched with Pro Camera System and improve hardware. The new iPhone comes with redesigned lens and powerful autofocus system and that will enable a user to take stunning photos with ease.

I will not waste my time with unimportant details which no one reads but with features with most smartphone users are interested.

When a person wants to buy a smartphone it decides a color according to his/her taste. iPhone 13 pro comes in Graphite, Gold, Silver, Siera and Blue colors. It has a ceramic shield in the front and a textured matte glass back.

Ceramic shield is tougher than any smartphone glass. It means it will produce good protection against falls.

The body is made of surgical-grade stainless steel.

Most smartphone users prefer big storage capacity. Especially people who prefer their images and other material in their smartphones. 1 TB storage will be a good choice for them. iPhone 13 Pro offering four storage options. 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

iPhone 13 Pro weighs only 204 grams. Ideal for professionals who move around with their smartphones in offices and other places.

iPhone users know that Retina display is brand name used by Apple for its series of IPS LCD and OLED.  Super Retina HD display is a name apple uses for a display that uses OLED technology.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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