Apple’s iOS 15 Update

Apple users wait for annual iOS update this update give them new features. Now it is reported that it will start offering update to its users from Monday.

Beta testers have been using this update for month. Before making a decision to update users are advised to check list of bugs reported by these beta testers. 

Apple has made a lot of big and small changes in the new OS. 

I would like to tell you about an important feature. Apple users will now be able to connect with their friends who do have iPhones. Now you can make a FaceTime call to your friend who do not have iPhones. Now can you can send a Zoom-like link to your friends or family members. They will be able to join you using their browsers. 

We have now a Focus tool which is an enhanced version of your Do Not Disturb Option. This tool can you block communications from people and app. We all receive hundreds of notifications from websites and friends. Sometimes we are busy and are not in a position to respond them or watch updates from websites. This tool helps us to create some healthier boundaries in our life with new tools like Focus. 

We all know that Apple has unveiled Focus tool at this year’s WWDC. Apple has made some impressive tweaks. Apple has introduced new Focuses. Now we can control notification when we are at work or driving. 

Apple has moved the Safari address bar at the bottom. In my opinion, it will be difficult for people to adjust to the new Safari feature because we are accustomed to use address bar at the top of the screen.

Map has made some changes in the Map app. Now we can see the air-quality maps. Considering the weather changes across the globe this new feature will be useful for people who are health conscious. Travelers can now find the wind direction and visibility information in areas where they intend to travel in foggy weather.

Like Facebook and Google, Apple has introduced a Legacy Contact in IOS 14 update. This is an important feature for families. 

Now you will be able to use Siri without internet connection for limited number of things. 

You can now hide your IP address, location from email senders. 

The Photo can recognize objects in images. I think this is an useful feature. 

Apple has not introduced any features in the new OS update  which could be described has breakthrough. The good think about this update is that Apple does not force you to update. 



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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