Samsung Galaxy A12 is ideal for day-to-day functions for average smartphone users in Pakistan.

Samsung Galaxy A12 is an entry-level smartphone. It is ideal for day-to-day functions for average smartphone users in Pakistan. 

This smartphone is powered by MediaTek Helio P35 octa-core chipset. The question is:  Is this a good processor?

Considering that it is an entry-level phone, Samsung is chosen the right processor for Galaxy A12. 

The first thing most users ask is about its screen resolution. The good news is that Galaxy A12 offers you Full HD+ resolution displays and a 20:9 ratio. The  6.5-inch Infinity-V Display of Galaxy A12 will give you sharp, crisp, and clear content.

The second question in their mind is how much processing power a device will offer for my needs. The CPU configuration of MediaTek Helio P35 is impressive. Galaxy A12 is powered by a powerful octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU operating up to 2.3GHz. It comes with IMG PowerVR GE8320 GPU which offers you a speed of 680MHz.

Samsung Galaxy A12

The third question arises in users mind is about connectivity speed. As you we know smartphone users widely use apps that require fast internet connections.  Whatsapp is widely used by Pakistanis. 

I think MediaTek 4G LTE WorldMode modem is enough for their daily needs. This modem offers dual 4G SIM support. This modem allows VoLTE/ViLTE on both connections. Modem configuration is capable of up to Cat-7 speeds(a speed up to 10.000 Mbit/s). 

The Quad Camera set-up is impressive. The 48MP Main Camera is enough for capturing the memorable moments of your life in clear detail. You can use customize your focus with 2MP Depth camera(F2.4) and if you want to get more detail then you can use the Macro Camera, which captures tiny details of your photo enabling a natural Bokeh effect. 

Camera setup

If you like to take selfies then Galaxy A12’s A12 8MP Front Camera which comes with Live Focus will enable you to take stunning selfies.

The final question a smartphone buyer asks is about the battery size. Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a 500o mAh battery and supports 15W adaptive fast charging. This type of charging feature knows when to stop charging. This prolongs battery life and prevents damage to the battery.



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