5G Trial begins in India.

News reports say Airtel has started 5G trial in India. The company said in a press release that it began conducting trial in Bhaipur Brahmanan village. This village is on the outskirts of Delhi NCR. 

Airtel is conducting this trial in collaboration with Ericsson company. This will be the first time that a telecom company is testing 5G in a village. It is expected that 5G technology will provide 10 times faster download to Indians than 4G.

Bharti Airtel and Ericsson signed an agreement few months to make 5G network available in India. 

These two companies did a trial in the cyber hub of Delhi NCR, Gurugram. This testing was done on a trial spectrum with a capacity of 3500 MHz. During the Airtel trial, the company has achieved speeds of more than 1Gbps, which is more than the speed available on 4G network in the country.

Clients will be able to connect to the cloud through 5G. 5G is the latest technology in cellular technology. Under 5G, users will get more speed, less latency and more flexibility. Talking about 5G cellular technology, it will connect clients to the cloud. 5G will send a single digital signal across multiple channels through a new process. This will not only provide better internet speed, but it will also give a new look to automation.

Apart from speed, 5G will also be useful in many places. This will improve connectivity as well as make it easier to realize the dream of a driverless car with the help of 5G technology. It will also make healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming easier.

This trial will also help in breaking the wall that is thought that 5G will be brought only in cities right now. There is talk of a digital divide between villages and cities will go away. With the help of 5G, users will get better mobile brand band connection and they will also be able to take advantage of fixed wireless access service. However, common people cannot use 5G internet during the trial


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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