Telegram Jackpot: Due to Facebook outage, 70 million users were connected to this app in 1 day, the app is getting hit due to the features

The evening on 5 October became a historic one for the Telegram app. On this day 7 crore users were connected to this app. The Facebook outage was behind this huge success for Telegram. Actually, on the same day in the evening, WhatsApp and Instagram, including Facebook, were stalled. Which remained closed for more than 6 hours. Telegram benefited from the closure of these platforms. Let us tell you that the number of monthly active users on Telegram has crossed 500 million (50 crore).

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said that a large number of users joined Telegram during the Facebook outage. Telegram’s daily growth rate exceeds the benchmark in order of results. We have welcomed more than 70 million users from other platforms in a single day. We are proud that our team has handled this well.

According to Downdetector, a website that tracks WhatsApp outages, 40 percent of users were unable to download the app. 30 percent had problems sending messages. 22 percent had problems with the web edition.

Special Features of Telegram App

Payment will be able to be done on all chats: Payment bot is present in Telegram since 2017. It allows users to make payments in a secure manner. Now merchants here will be able to accept credit card payments on any chat. Payment can now be done from any app. It also includes the desktop app. The company does not charge any commission in this nor does it save the payment details with itself.
Voice chat will be scheduled: You can schedule voice chat on Telegram. Group admins and channels can schedule voice chats by entering the date and time. This gives community members time to locate and call their friends.

Change profile photo during chatting: You will be able to expand profile picture and bio during chatting with better ideas. You will not need to exit the voice chat window for this. This feature is called mini profile for voice chat.

Animated Stickers, Dark Mode: Added to two new fully-featured Telegram web apps on Telegram. Both support many features like animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders. You’ll have instant access to your chats on any device – desktop or mobile.



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