WhatsApp closes 2 million accounts in India


News reports say that Messaging app WhatsApp has closed the accounts of more than 2 million users in India in August. The company said these users violated India’s IT Rules and WhatsApp Terms of Service. WhatsApp released this information in its monthly compliance reports which was released on Tuesday.

It is reported that WhatsApp closed 3 lakh accounts bet June 16 and July 31. The accounts were closed on the basis of complaints received against them. WhatsApp had received 594 complaints. On an average, WhatsApp bans 8 million accounts every month for abuse cases worldwide.

The company said that they had closed 20 lakh 70 thousand accounts for sending automated or bulk messages without permission.  

According to the report, during August, WhatsApp had received 420 complaints. This included 105 complaints of account support, 222 of ban appeals, 42 of product support, 17 of security and 34 complaints of other support.

WhatsApp is making use of  Artificial Intelligence to prevent abuse.
The company spokesperson said that the complaints have been given in the User Security Report. WhatsApp will continue its action to prevent misuse of the platform. Our focus is on preventing spam and unwanted messages on the platform.

WhatsApp has stated in its support page that it registers user complaints through the complaint channel. The messaging app uses artificial intelligence tools and resources to prevent harmful behavior on the platform.

According to the new IT rules of India, it is necessary to publish the report every month, the
Government of India had implemented new IT rules on 26 May. According to these rules, any digital platform with more than 50 lakh users is required to publish a compliance report every month. In this report, information about the complaints received and the action taken on the basis of them will have to be given.

WhatsApp has emphasized that it does not read any user’s message. It is an end-to-end encrypted platform. In this, user information is protected. The platform relies on un-encrypted information available for operation. These include user reports, profile photos, group photos and group descriptions.


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