iTel S17 launched in Nigeria: A smart to perform basic tasks

iTel has launched a new smartphone in Nigeria. The smartphone has been launched for people who love to take selfies. 

iTel S17

The configuration of the iTel S17 disappoints me. A smartphone with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB RAM will attract very few people in countries like Nigeria where companies like Infinix have launched impressive smartphones. 

This smartphone can attract people who need basic smartphone phones with some features to satisfy their basic needs.

iTel has chosen Spreadtrum SC7731 according to Experts familiar with cheap technology call it an entry-level ARM SoC and say it is only good for performing basic level tasks. I agree with them. In an era where most brands are offering 1.8 GHz CPU. This 1.3GHz will not perform basic tasks in Android 11 smoothly.

It must be mentioned here that iTel has not mentioned the name of the processor on their website.

The Arm Mali-400 GPU is a popular GPU. It was the first GPU that offered multi-core implementation. It was designed keeping in mind to use less power and bandwidth. Manufacturers used it to reduce their device costs.

With 1GB RAM and 16GB. It will not offer much processing power and storage for iTel S17 owners. 

The  6.6” HD+ waterdrop screen (720 x 1612 pixels, 20:9 ratio) will attract buyers. It comes with a Scratch Resistant Glass.

 iTel has provided some specialized functions to take selfies. The Boken effect will appeal to selfie lovers. 

iTel S17’s 8M AF rear camera can take accurate shots. 

This smartphone comes with Face Unlock+Fingerprint Sensor, which is a good thing. 



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