Sony Xperia 5 III

Our smartphones have become our television. Most of us now watch our favorite movies using our smartphones. Hence, it has become very important for smartphone users to look for smartphones with better screen resolutions to enjoy their favorite movies and video clips

Sony Xperia 5 III

Sony the maker of popular television brands has launched a smartphone on which movie lovers can enjoy their movies immensely. 

Sony Xperia 5 III is an excellent smartphone with features which will be liked by movie lovers.  The company says it is made for movie lovers and I agree with them. 

Xperia 5 III has a 6.1” 21:9 CinemaWide HDR OLED 120Hz rate display. It means Xperia 5 III owners can watch your favorite movies on Netflix as they were mean to be seen on cinema screen. The company has removed the notch from the screen. It thinks it interrupts you during movie watch. I agree with them. 

In order to enhance movie lovers experience, the company has used X1 for mobile engine chip to provide better balance of color, contrast and clarity. This chip brings your BRAVIA HDR remaster technology to your smartphone.

If your smartphone has good sound quality features than it makes your movie more enjoyable. Xperia 5 III features Dolby Atmos sound with headphones or the full stage stereo.

Good color quality on a screen makes your movie more enjoyable. This smartphone is powered by CineAlta which enables your smartphone deliver reproduce real color as envisage by the creator. 

Xperia 5 III comes with 120Hz refresh rate, this fast refresh rate will enable you to scroll smoothly. Smartphone users spend a lot of time scrolling through their albums and contents. 

Photography enthusiasts know about Sony’s Alpha 9 series cameras. This camera series is popular in the industry because of their great autofocus technology. Sony has given autofocus in three cameras. The team behind the Alpha 9 series is also behind the development of cameras for Xperia cameras and technology need for object tracking in cameras. 

I would like mention one important thing for people who has passion for photography is that Xperia 5 III has been specially calibrated by ZEISS. As people familiar with photography know that ZEISS T coating help high quality rendering and contrast.

Xperia 5 III comes with four versatile lens and has fast and accurate AF technology. This thing was enabled because of PDAF sensors.

Xperia 5 III has great optical telephoto lens.

In short, camera setup has great features for photography enthusiasts. 

Gamers will love this Xperia 5 III. This smartphone is packed with features games will like. They can play games like Asphalt 9. 

All the features mentioned about needs powerful CPU for processing. Xperia 5 III has one the powerful chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is created 5G network. Qualcomm says their chipset comes with new and enhanced innovation in 5G, AI, gaming, photography and intelligent personal assistant.

The configuration of the CPU is great. It has 1 2.84GHz , 3 2.42 GHz and 4 1.8GHz cores. One can see this configuration offers fastest processing power needed to play and make videos and make calls. The Adreno 669 840 MHz is a fast GPU.

This smartphone comes with 8GB RAM and two storage options featuring UFS 3.x 

Xperia 5 III comes with 4500mAh battery with 30W charging support.



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