New WhatsApp Update: Users will be able to delete the sent message, the time limit for the deletion removed

WhatsApp has updated its ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. After the new update, users will be able to delete the sent messages at any time. Previous you users could not remove the message after 68 minutes. 

I must remind my blog readers that this feature was introduced in 2017. The company updated the time limit several times. Not they have removed the limit. 

At present, two options are available to delete a sent message, ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Delete for everyone’.

WABetaInfo, the platform that tracks the feature to WhatsApp, has shared a screenshot related to this feature. This feature is visible with the Android interface in it. A dialog box is also visible here in which the user will get the option to select whether he wants to delete the message only for himself or for everyone.

The message shown in the screenshot is three months old. The date of August 23 is showing on the chat. That is, the ‘delete for everyone’ feature by WhatsApp is much more than the current deadline.



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