Problems in Pixel phones After Android 12 update

Google has started Android 12 operating update for Pixel smartphone owners. However, it has been reported by Pixel user that they are facing problem. These pixel users have reported the problems on social media. They have reported touch response problem in their smartphones. Some users reported their apps crushed after Android 12 update.

 These users have also submitted their problems on the Google support forum. Some users have reported they faced battery drain problem with touch response and app crashes. A number of users have reported that their Pixel phones starting heating up after update. 

These problems are occurring in all models of Pixel smartphones – 4a, 4a 5G and Pixel 5.

Some users have complained that their Pixel smartphones did become stable after several resets. 

Pixel 3 users has reported problem in their launchers. They complained they are getting corrupt data messages despite reset and restore. 

A Pixel 4 owner reported that he could not unlock his smartphone. He has to reboot his smartphone after few hours to use it. 

Many users have reported issues in their camera app. 

Google has said that users are facing problem due to incompatibility with 3rd party apps. However, users have tried to fix the Pixel phones in safe mode to ascertain that problem is not caused a rogue app. 



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