Huawei Mate 50 coming soon

Huawei introduced the P50 series in late July 2021. The company is  now preparing to launch the flagship Mate 50.

Possible Mate 50 Design – Photo courtesy of Gizmo China

Huawei is preparing to return to the premium smartphone market with the Mate 50 series.

According to a new report , the Mate series phones will be introduced during the first quarter of 2022. The company has not said officially about this.

However , leaks published in different websites say these phones can be introduced in March 2022.

Market insiders assumed that Huawei would introduce the Mate 50 series sometime in 2021, but the P50 was introduced too late in July, which led to the postponement of the Mate series phones.

Huawei plans to use flagship Snapdragon 898 processor in the Mate series phones. It is reported that that the Mate 50 series will offer only 4G only. I think it is a good idea. 5G network has still not been widely used across the globe.

The processor will be introduced by Qualcomm in December 2021.

Huawei phones are likely to have LTPO displays, the same technology was seen in Apple’s iPhone 31 Pro series.
These display use low-temperature polycrystalline oxide for switching circuits.

This also means that the phones will also have 120 Hz refresh rate support.

According to some leaks, Mate 50 series satellite connectivity can also be provided so that the phones can be used in regions where mobile network is not available.

Huawei will be able to use the Chinese-made Baidu satellite system for this purpose

Pakistani website Whatmobile has given specification on its site.  The information on their website says it will have Octa-core setup. The company will use Snapdragon 898 with Adreno 730 GPU. 



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