iOS 15: Small update should fix call problems with iPhone 12 and 13


iOS 15.1.1 is available for certain device models and ironed out bugs.

Apple has rolled out update for iOS 15 . It is available for download on Thursday night. This update is for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 owners who received the new iOS 15.1.1 because their iPhones faced problems after update. 

If the call suddenly drops

Apple said that this update will fix the problem who were facing call drop after receiving the update. Owners of iPhone 12 and 13 also faced poor reception during call. Their calls dropped immediately after connection or they could not hear the voice of the caller properly. This update is meant to fix these bugs.

5G model for the first time from iPhone 12

It’s easy to explain why the update is only available for iPhone 12 and 13: Both model series are the first to support 5G. Apparently Apple is still working on the modem firmware – or at least the interaction of the operating system with it. Security-related improvements should not be in iOS 15.1.1, however.

Really nothing security-relevant?

According to Apple’s list of security updates, the update “does not contain any published CVE IDs(Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). iOS 15.2 on the approach

Apple is already working on iOS 15.2. Among other things, the new app privacy report will be activated in it. This shows, among other things, when and whether apps have accessed certain devices and even websites. The company is also making preparations for a controversial local nude filter in iMessages – whether this will actually be activated remains to be seen.



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