REALME GT NEO2 : Great Gaming Performance

The phone is striking – it is a model for anyone who wants to stand out in some way. At the same time, the hardware is relatively practical. The back is matte. It is available in Neo Black, Neo Blue, and Neo Green.

The camera sticks out quite a lot when we put the phone down flat, I really liked the device.

From Realme website

I must add that the phone is quite heavy, but overall well balanced, it is good to hold. I would not have any objections to ergonomics, if not for two things. First of all, invariably, it irritates me that the power key is on the right side and the volume keys are on the left side. I’m used to having all three keys on one side, most often on the right side.

Another thing to mention here is the location of the fingerprint reader. It works very well, but in my opinion, it could be a bit higher, then it would be more comfortable to reach. As a consolation, I will add that the face recognition system, which we can also find here, works quite efficiently, quickly, and flawlessly. It has the option of illuminating the face with a flash of the screen when there is not enough light to verify our verification.

The glass of the screen is quite easy to scratch, and the factory foil that is glued on it is simply poor. It just wears off in the blink of an eye. It is also worth mentioning that the housing is unfortunately not waterproof. As a consolation, the manufacturer adds a nice silicone case to the set, which, unfortunately, will make our smartphone very ordinary. I think that I can also praise the manufacturer for adding a charger, a decent, strong one. 

Bright screen, strong colors

It has a pretty good display. It is t AMOLED with 120 Hz refresh, Full HD + resolution, and a maximum brightness of 1300 nits. And indeed, on sunny days, the screen will do very well, it remains readable.

We have the option of adjusting the color variant to our liking (there is either P3 or sRGB or a “dazzling” color scheme). We can also change the color temperature. Eye protection has not been forgotten, etc. Game Players will surely be pleased that the touch panel is refreshed with a frequency of 600 Hz. Unfortunately, on the other hand, they’ll be upset that I haven’t found a game that runs at faster screen refresh rates, they all run at 60Hz.

Interface without major shortcomings

The smartphone offers a lot of options for personalization. We can change, for example, the typeface of icons or even buttons on the shortcut panel. Of course, there are also common things like changing the font or the number of icons on the desktop. Of course, we have the option to switch to the tray mode or the flat mode of the interface, there is also gesture control. In addition, we also have the option of launching apps in floating windows, there is also a panel with shortcuts on the side of the screen – we can edit it. So I will absolutely not complain about the interface.

High five performance

The performance of this phone is really decent. Although we do not have the highest model of Snapdragon here, we only have a lower one: Snapdragon 870. For this, we can have either 8 or 12 GB of RAM, and 128 or 256 GB of memory of storage. We can add virtual 7GB RAM. This memory is of course “borrowed” from the internal memory. However, I did not feel this excess RAM, and this option is too deeply hidden. We can find it in “Settings”, in the “About phone” menu, and only when we click “RAM” we will be able to turn on the virtual RAM. The Octa-core (1×3.2 GHz Kryo 585 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 585 & 4×1.80 GHz Kryo 585) configuration is impressive. It will give enormous processing power.

The Realme GT Neo2 works in a way that is at least satisfactory, and even very well: in AnTuTu it “dialed” almost 650,000 points. Most importantly, the phone does not throttle, the performance does not drop even when the phone “catches” some temperature. 

There is no microSD card slot here, so we must be satisfied with the memory we have. At this point, of course, I recommend buying – if you have the financial possibility – a model with more internal memory.

There is fast loading!

The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh. There is no surprise, this phone is able to work for two days, and one day – even at ease. We have a powerful high-power charger for it, thanks to which we can charge the battery in half an hour. I like it very much, but for the sake of order I will add that unfortunately there is no inductive charging.

Communication with small problems

When it comes to communication facilities, nothing is missing here, except maybe a better working proximity sensor. As is the case with most Chinese phones that have recently slipped through my hands, when we hold the phone carelessly, e.g. with our arm, the screen lights up. We can accidentally click something, the most common thing is to mute the microphone. Of course, if you hold the phone properly, you will not be bothered by this problem.

You will not be bothered by bad sound quality, because in Realme GT Neo 2 it is quite decent, although the headphone speaker could be a bit louder. Of course, this is during the talks – because when we play music or a soundtrack from a movie, or a game, it will be quite good.

We have stereo here, but it is not even: one speaker is on the bottom, the other is the one in the earpiece. It was a bit lacking to fully stereophonic happiness, but the phone sounds quite loud. Unfortunately, not necessarily clean, because in the case of sopranos, unfortunately, you can already hear a distinct, metallic coating. I would like to add that there is, of course, Dolby Atmos and a few predefined equalization settings.

The cameras 

we have a main matrix of 64MP, of course, a wide angle of 8 MP and the obligatory 2 MP for macro as a place filler on the camera island. On the front, also usual: 16 MP for selfies. What are the photos? The daily ones are quite correct, there is nothing to complain about here. The wide-angle also works quite well – it loses a bit of clarity in the edges of the frame, but this is a typical affliction of wide-angle cameras. However, I can boast of a neat compensation of natural image distortions in a wide-angle lens. In the case of night photos, however, I suggest taking photos with the main camera, and rather using the night mode. We only use wide angle after dark when we really have no choice. In addition, we let go of zooming, because the zoom is unfortunately digital here. Double gives decent results, but the further we zoom in, the worse it gets. We are also bothered by the lack of optical stabilization, but when filming we have a two-stage digital stabilization, which also works quite well.

The background blurring in portraits is fine, but it “gets lost” in the hair sometimes. There is simply a macro camera. Do not count on revelations, it only has 2 MPX and no autofocus, so you need to precisely aim the focus. Selfie is absolutely correct, it is very good that there is HDR here, because, of course, traditionally the front camera has a tendency to “burn through” the background. Finally, two words about the photo interface. I don’t really like him, because I can’t arrange the modes in the order I want.

It’s worth it, but the more expensive one

Now the most important: is it worth getting interested in Realme GT Neo 2 ? First of all, if the appearance convinced you – yes. However, if you wanted to think more about the technological side of this device, you will surely be satisfied with its performance and the quality of the display. The photos will also not disappoint, as will the battery performance, and you will also be pleased with the very fast charging. Well, I don’t see much of a downside here.

It is a very honest, decent, mid-range smartphone. I am bothered by the fact that it is not waterproof, I am bothered by the lack of a mini-jack, and I am also bothered by the fact that it is not possible to enlarge my memory. I do not complain about the lack of inductive charging, because the wired one is fast and compensates for the lack of it. Two more words about prices. 



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