Indian YouTubers to provide their account details to the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting before January 5

The Google has come up with new terms and conditions for those who upload videos of current affairs and news on YouTube especially from India. Under this, the creators of the channel on YouTube will have to give their account information to the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting before January 5.

The central government had brought the Indian Information Technology Rules 2021 nine months ago to oversee digital and social media platforms.

The government has categorized the social media platforms into four categories. First- Intermediaries. Second- social media intermediaries. Third- Significant social media intermediaries. Fourth- OTT platforms. Of these, YouTube belongs to Intermediaries.

What are Intermediaries?
Intermediaries mean a service provider that transmits and publishes the content of the users, but does not have any editorial control over that content like news media. These intermediaries may be your Internet Service Providers, social media platforms, or web services that allow you to upload, post or publish content.



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