WhatsApp introduces new privacy measures to block stalkers seeing your last seen status and online details.

Reports say that WhatsApp has rolled out new privacy measure to block stalkers. The company is confident that these new measures will enable users to chat without worrying about stalkers.

WhatsApp has not given users option to hide their last seen status and online activities from who are not their contact list.

The information about the new privacy measures has been reported by WABetaInfo. They have shared an email they received from the WhatsApp customer support. The email response from the WhatsApp confirms that the new privacy measures have been implemented by the company for your general and business WhatsApp accounts. These new measures prevent people who are not in your contact list or who have not chatted with you.

The new privacy features have been implemented by the WhatsApp at the server side. Users have not the given the privilege to turn on/off the. This is a backend change.

People familiar with the Internet know that third party apps often tract their activities. Some makers of third party apps tracks activities of users on WhatsApp. Bad news is that their knowledge allows them to log in your WhatsApp and keep an eye you. For stalkers, these new privacy changes are powerful protection.

A WhatsApp user should never chat with or keep unknown numbers in their contact list. If they do so , stalkers can get in their WhatsApp app.

Users must keep in my that if they have chatted with a person but cannot see their last seen status. It means they have activated or enabled “My Contacts Except” privacy setting.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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