MT 200 Financial Institution Transfer for its Own Accoun


MT 200 Scope

This message type is sent by an account owner to one of its account servicing institutions. All parties identified in the message must be financial institutions.

It is used to request the movement of funds from an account that the Receiver services for the Sender to an account that the Sender has, in the same currency, with another financial institution.

MT 200 Format Specifications

StatusTagField NameContent/OptionsNo.
M20Transaction Reference Number16x1
M32AValue Date, Currency Code, Amount6!n3!a15d2
O53BSender’s Correspondent[/1!a][/34x]
O56aIntermediaryA or D4
M57aAccount With InstitutionA, B, or D5
O72Sender to Receiver Information6*35x6

MT 200 Network Validated Rules

There are no network validated rules for this message type.

MT 200 Usage Rules

  • The beneficiary of this transfer is always the Sender.
  • The Receiver and the account with institution are normally in the same country.
  • In those cases where the financial institution account owner wishes to instruct its account servicing institution either to transfer funds between two accounts serviced by the Receiver, or to debit its account with the Receiver and to credit one of its several accounts at an account with institution, the MT 202 General Financial Institution Transfer or the MT 203 Multiple Financial Institution Transfer must be used.
  • In those cases where the sender wants the account servicing institution to do a book transfer the MT 202 General financial institution transfer or the MT 203 Multiple financial institution transfer must be used.


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