Samsung Flex G

During the CES trade fair, Samsung finally presented other concepts of foldable smartphones, which we have seen so far only on renderings . Here are the Samsung Flex S, Flex G, Flex Slideable, and Flex Note!

CES is a great opportunity to present your latest concepts to the world . Samsung – in addition to the new Galaxy S21 FE smartphone – brought to Las Vegas prototypes using flexible displays. These devices are definitely different from the known Folds or Flips . The presented devices – as you can see – work, but remain in the prototype stage and it is not certain that they will be placed on the market in this form. On the other hand – there are probably no contraindications, and the only problem seems to be the reaction of potential buyers …

Samsung Flex S and Flex G are concepts based on a similar assumption. These are smartphones that are bent not in one, but in two places. Their structure is a bit more complicated than in the current assemblies – but basically from the technical point of view, they do not pose a great challenge. They are composed in different ways, but structurally they are similar. Take a look:

Samsung Flex Note is more of an ultrabook than a smartphone. When folded, it has the size of a 13-inch laptop, and when unfolded, we get either a large tablet or a laptop with a virtual touch keyboard



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