TCL Introduces World’s Cheapest Foldable Phone

Flex V – Photo courtesy of GSM Arena
TCL has been offering prototype models of foldable phones for many years, but so far no phone has been offered to consumers.

TCL has introduced the cheapest foldable smartphone Flex V so far.

TCL unveiled the phone at the CES Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The phone is similar in design to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Philip 3 and is equipped with midrange features.

But its biggest feature is the price of $600 (over 150,000 Pakistani rupees) and thus it is now the cheapest foldable phone.

The TCL Flex V features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor, which was the most popular processor for midrange smartphones in 2020.

The phone has a dual camera setup with 48 megapixel main and 16 megapixel cameras, the phone has a 44 megapixel camera for selfies.

The company did not elaborate on the phone’s display or refresh rate.

It will have a 3545 mAh battery.

The phone introduced at CES was running on Android 11 operating system but it is likely that after availability it will be equipped with Android 12 operating system.

The company has not yet announced the availability date of the phone but has promised that it will be the world’s cheapest foldable smartphone.



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