Firefox 96 improves efficiency of the main browser process

Older desktop systems with fewer resources benefit from this. The update also improves the processing of audio signals in web-based chats.

Mozilla has released Firefox 96 for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and Firefox 96 for Android for download. 

On the desktop side, Mozilla has made “significant improvements” to the browser’s built-in noise cancellation and automatic gain control for audio signals in its latest version. These enhancements are aimed at users of web-based video chats, particularly those using software or hardware without their own built-in methods for background noise cancellation or for automatically controlling the user’s microphone input levels. In connection with this, Mozilla has also made “slight improvements” to echo-cancellation technology, which helps speakers in poor acoustic environments avoid resonance.

The second important innovation in version 96 focuses on reducing the load on the main process, which should make the browser work better on older, slower or overloaded systems without sufficient processing resources and memory requirements.

Also new in the desktop version is a new cookie enforcement setting that will apply the same-site=lax policy by default. Mozilla claims that this helps better protect users against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

In the Android version, Mozilla added a new browsing history highlighting feature to help users find recently visited websites, as well as improvements to the images displayed on the home page for recently added bookmarks.



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