Samsung Galaxy S22-Increasing price.

Rumors have been circulating in recent weeks that the prices for Samsung’s S22 series will increase noticeably compared to its predecessors. This has recently been substantiated again and now we also know why. According to this, the shortage of chips at Samsung should lead to prices rising (source: Korea Times ). According to this, the prices for the Galaxy S22 should start at 899 US dollars and are therefore 100 US dollars higher than the prices of the Galaxy S21 .

According to the latest information, the price increase in Europe will not be quite as strong. According to this, the Galaxy S22 should cost 899 euros . The Galaxy S21 was sold for 849 euros. Only the Galaxy S22 Ultra is said to have a price increase of up to 130 euros and at the same time the main memory is supposed to shrink . So you get a little less equipment and still have to pay more. This is how it is currently in the chip crisis, which Samsung is not spared either.

Various parts for Samsung’s new smartphones are said to have increased in price by 30 to 40 percent . Of course, the company cannot do this alone and has to pass the price increase on to its customers to a certain extent.

The last Samsung smartphone has also become more expensive than expected:



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