China cell phone beats iPhone 13 – and costs 200 euros less

The iPhone 13, here the mini version, has to admit defeat to a Chinese cell phone.
Apple’s iPhone 13 has no notable weaknesses. The dark side of the all-round carefree package: The latest version of the cult smartphone doesn’t have any real trump cards either. This can currently be seen in the well-known camera ranking by DxOMark, in which a Chinese cell phone that is 200 euros cheaper performs better.

 For many potential smartphone buyers, the camera has become the tipping point. The following applies: the more expensive a smartphone, the better the camera, as a rule. However, the Vivo X70 Pro proves that every rule has an exception.

iPhone 13 narrowly beaten by the Vivo X70 Pro in the camera ranking
In the DxOMark camera ranking, the smartphone achieves 131 points and can thus just beat Apple’s iPhone 13 (source: DxOMark ). The advantage over the competition from Cupertino is only one point, but as is well known, even a narrow victory is a victory.

Samsung and Apple can pack up: This is the fastest smartphone in the world
The fact that the Vivo X70 Pro was able to beat the iPhone 13 is particularly interesting in view of the prices of the two smartphones: In China, the Vivo cell phone is sold for 4,299 yuan, which is the equivalent of 590 euros. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, costs 5,999 yuan, the equivalent of around 830 euros – more than 200 euros cheaper than the iPhone 13 .

China Handy convinces with accurate exposure and high dynamic range
The Vivo smartphone was able to score points, among other things, with its accurate exposure, which is also convincing in poor lighting conditions, and the high dynamic range. Color reproduction and video stabilization were also praised. On the other hand, there was criticism for a slight image noise and the shutter release delay. In the individual photo category it was even enough for 139 points.



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