iPhone SE: Apple’s big surprise is coming sooner

We suspect the iPhone SE could resemble the iPhone XR in 2023.
It is rumored that the iPhone SE 3 will be a small number this year. The actual, bigger surprise from Apple, on the other hand, is still a long way off. Now the good news: The iPhone SE of our dreams is coming sooner than previously thought.

It is certain that the iPhone SE 3 is coming. The third generation of cheap Apple cell phones is expected in the spring. But only the inner values ​​are really fresh – Apple A15 Bionic and a 5G modem instead of just LTE. The case and thus the design along with the home button are taken from the current model. A bit disappointing to be honest. But there’s nothing left to shake, confirms insider and expert Ross Young, who was mostly correct with his information recently. Now he also wants to know the somewhat bizarre official name: iPhone SE+ 5G (Source: Ross Young ).

Really new iPhone SE  in 2023
But that’s not the real surprise, because there’s a happy message hidden further in the tweet. A really new iPhone SE with a previously unused 5.7-inch display should come sooner. Young predicts 2023 rather than 2024. The latter was previously considered set and would correspond to a two-year cycle for the iPhone SE on the part of Apple. But now we can hope for an earlier performance again.

This year there will be another “infusion” of this:

iPhone SE (2020) in the test: A small bundle of energy

But it also means that the model expected in 2022 with the old-fashioned design is more of an interim solution. If you can wait to buy it, you might want to wait until next year.

Which model is the inspiration for the design?
Exciting: There was speculation beforehand as to whether the fourth-generation iPhone SE would have a 6.1- or 5.7-inch display. Now the latter greatness manifests itself. This is a bit confusing, however, because this screen has not yet been used directly by Apple. The 6.1-inch screen has been established since the iPhone 11, followed by the 5.8-inch model from the iPhone X. Normally one would assume that Apple would use an existing design again. But what should it be if the display size doesn’t quite fit?

If so, then a similar iPhone SE could be implemented by Apple in 2023:

iPhone SE 3: Will this Apple phone remain a dream?
In any case, we can probably count on a full-size iPhone, without a home button and with gesture control . It’s hard to imagine that Apple will bring the old design with wide edges out of the mothball box again next year.


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