Microsoft worries: Android and iPhone users deserve better protection

Microsoft Defender will also be available for Android, iOS and macOS. (Image source: Microsoft )

Microsoft is concerned about the security of iPhones and Android phones. The virus protection Defender will soon also be available as an app for iOS and Android for protection. A variant is also planned for macOS. So far, the protection was only available for business customers.
Microsoft Defender for Android, iOS and macOS
Windows users are already familiar with Defender as Microsoft’s automatically activated virus protection . Now it seems that a cross-platform solution for private users is being worked on. This should be available as an app for iPhones and Android smartphones as well as being developed for Apple’s macOS. Internally, the project runs under the code name “Gibraltar”, as a leak in the Microsoft Store reveals.

“Our personalized dashboard lets you view the security posture of your Windows device and other connected devices (Mac, iOS, and Android) in one place,” Microsoft says. The apps and desktop programs should be offered free of charge as with Windows . So far, Microsoft Defender has only been available to business customers of the group as “Advanced Threat Protection” outside of Windows.

Microsoft had already redesigned Defender for Windows 11. In addition to a conventional virus scan, the program now also offers protection against malware and phishing . Defender can also help with compromised passwords. For other operating systems, Microsoft is said to have “reprogrammed the protection from scratch” (source: Windows Latest ).

Microsoft Defender: Central protection for all devices
The Defender wants to present itself as comprehensive protection for all systems . Family members can probably be added to the planned central dashboard to increase the security of other connected phones and computers. It is not yet clear when Defender will be released for Android, iOS and macOS.



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