Netflix: “Ozark” starts with a dark look in the grand finale

The fourth season of the Netflix series “Ozark” is entering the big series finale. The Byrde family is far from off the hook, is there any hope of a happy ending?

The Byrde family actually left Chicago to finally get some rest from their criminal career. No more drugs and above all no more money laundering, away from drug lord Omar Navarro (Felix Solis). But her ability to launder money on a grand scale digs deeper and deeper into the flesh like a thorn and the tranquil life in the Ozarks turns into a maelstrom of criminal machinations. When Father Marty (Jason Bateman) seems to solve one problem, two more arise.

Now the Netflix series is fast approaching the finale and the future doesn’t seem rosy. Can the Byrds get their heads out of the noose one last time, or will they become victims of organized crime themselves? The prospects at the end of season three were extremely bleak as Wendy (Laura Linney) stood with blood in her hair next to the shot attorney Helen (Jaet McTeer). But what does season four have to offer?

Ozark: Life-threatening attack on family

The Byrdes pick up where they left off in season four. Marty manages millions of dollars in coolers and on small boats from A to B and Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) only want to get away from Ozark. The Langmores with their heroin business give the family a hard time, but Navarro is quite moderate. He’s willing to let the Byrdes go if he can immigrate to the United States with impunity.

Marty faces an almost impossible task in order to finally be able to let his family live in peace. An attack on the family van follows, which could kill everyone. But it wouldn’t be the Byrdes if they couldn’t rise from the ashes. At the end of the first part of the final season, the situation seems hopeless, but the family is still alive and is always good for a surprise. The fourth season “Ozark” has been running on Netflix since January 21.



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