Lenovo is launching powerful Android smartphone with 22 GB RAM for gamers


The specifications of the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone has been leaked before the Lenovo Legion Y90 launch on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. Specifications tell us that it will be powerful smartphone. 

The specifications tell us that it would be a smartphone for gamers.

The phone will come with strong RAM of 22 GB 

Gizmochina has reported that the Legion Y90 smartphone will come with get 22 GB LPDDR5 + RAM support. The smartphone will have 18 GB physical RAM and 4 GB virtual RAM support and 640 GB internal storage. Apart from this, 512 GB and 128 GB RAM support can be given. 

If you talk about dimensions, then the phone will come in 176mm / 78.8mm / 10.5mm. The weight of the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone will be quite high. Generally, there are smartphones weighing 200 grams and less in the market. But the Lenovo Legion Y90 will weigh 268 grams.

Specifications of Lenovo Legion Y90 

The Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone will have a 6.92-inch E4 AMOLED display. Its refresh rate will be 144Hz. While the touch sampling rate can be 720Hz. The phone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset support. It will come with dual cooling fan, double axis x axis motor and six dedicated buttons. If we talk about the camera, then the dual rear camera setup will be given in the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone. Its main camera will be 64MP. Apart from this, 16MP OmniVision camera can be given. 44MP GH1 sensor support will be given in the front of the phone. Legion Y90 smartphone will get a big battery of 5600mAh.


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