Against Apple and Google: India declares war on Android and iOS

State funds are therefore to be used to support start-ups and university projects in the implementation and research of the new operating system. According to the project plan, 300 billion US dollars are to be turned over by the electronics industry by 2026 – currently sales are 75 billion dollars.

The government sees the new operating system as a door opener to playing at the top of the international electronics market. The Indian government up to the prime minister is also hoping for more foreign investment. “For the first time, investors and public markets are funding and investing in the technology sector,” said the minister.

China is already planning its own operating system for Huawei

The Indian operating system is not the first attempt to break the market power of Silicon Valley. Many mobile phone users still remember the failed Blackberry and Windows Phone operating systems.

In view of diplomatic tensions, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi also want to become independent of American operating systems. Huawei already uses a Linux-based Android adaptation and bans Google apps on its devices.



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