MT 111 Request for Stop Payment of a Cheque

MT 111 Scope

This single message type is sent by a drawer bank, or a bank acting on behalf of the drawer bank, to the bank on which a cheque has been drawn (the drawee bank).

It is used to request stop payment of the cheque referred to in the message.

MT 111 Format Specifications

StatusTagField NameContent/OptionsNo.
M20Sender’s Reference16x1
M21Cheque Number16x2
M30Date of Issue6!n3
M32aAmountA or B4
O52aDrawer BankA, B, or D5

MT 111 Network Validated Rules

There are no network validated rules for this message type.

MT 111 Usage Rules

  • This message must not be used to request stop payment of a cheque which was issued without a specified payee.
  • This message always requires a response, preferably by an MT 112 Status of a Request for Stop Payment of a Cheque.

MT 111 Message Guidelines

Information concerning national policies and procedures for stop payments of cheques may be found in the General Country Information file, which is available for download on



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