PS5: Sony introduces a new breed of controllers

There are numerous vendors offering hardware accessories for the PS5, but not all are welcomed by PlayStation. However, Sony has taken a liking to the HORI brand and that is why the company is officially promoting the upcoming and very special controllers.

PS5: Sony presents completely new controllers
Whether it’s Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter5, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dirt 5 or On The Road – Truck Simulator, all of these games can be fun with the DualSense controller. In the near future, however, the gaming experience may get even better, as PlayStation introduces new controllers from the HORI brand, which are primarily intended for fighting and racing games and are officially licensed by the company .

The HORI Fighting Commander OCTA , “the ultimate controller for 2D fighting games and many other 2D software titles”. The controller does without DualSense support, but offers two more buttons on the right side and “the best D-Pad in the industry”.
The controller retails for $59.99.

The Fighting Stick α . A “tournament level” pad. There is a real arcade feeling here, because in addition to numerous buttons, a small joystick provides a lot of fun. You have the option of creating four user-defined profiles using the appropriate app and switching between them is child’s play with the profile button.
In addition, the integrated audio and microphone controls allow you to fully concentrate on the fight. The Fighting Stick α will cost $199.99.

The Racing Wheel APEX . This is a steering wheel with pedals for authentic racing simulations. You can program and adjust the product according to your needs, and vibration ensures that you can immerse yourself deeply in the game.

“Switches from a 270-degree to a 180-degree rotation ratio while driving and makes other fine adjustments, e.g. B. for dead zone, pedal sensitivity and more,” according to the description on the website. The Racing Wheel APEX is said to cost $119.99.

The product is also compatible with PS4 and PC



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