Pixel 6: New update causes problems again

Even die-hard Pixel fans are slowly getting angry: After Google already screwed up Android updates for the Pixel 6 (Pro), new problems with the Google Photos app on the cell phones have now surfaced. A supposedly magical eraser is to blame.

Pixel 6 update crashes Google Photos

Google again has software problems with its flagship phones Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. After the December update caused problems – and was even withdrawn in the meantime – cell phones are now having problems with an update for Google Photos . The app reportedly crashes as soon as the Magic Eraser tool is opened (source: Android Poilce ).

With the magic eraser it should actually be possible to easily remove annoying objects from photos. Sometimes it works surprisingly well, but not always. On the Pixel 6 (Pro) , however, the tool cannot even be opened after an update. There were already problems in connection with the “Magic Eraser” in November when Google meanwhile removed the tool from the new Pixel phones.

A bugfix for the new problem has not yet been released. Users who have not yet installed the latest version of Google Photos should prevent the update to be on the safe side . To do this, the app must be called up in the Play Store and the auto-update function must be deactivated there.

Google with Pixel 6 update problems

After the December update arrived on the Pixel 6 (Pro) with a considerable delay , the next Android update also caused difficulties. The January update was initially only distributed among older Pixel phones, but has now also arrived on the new Google phones.

Some Pixel 6 owners have also recently experienced how dangerous a small update can be. Before the January update, it was sometimes not possible to make an emergency call if Microsoft Teams was installed on the smartphone.


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