Samsung Galaxy S22: Nobody expected this material

A lot is already known about the upcoming Galaxy S22 phones, but Samsung still has an ace up its sleeve. Recycled plastic from the oceans is to be used in smartphones. The old fishing nets will also be used in other Galaxy products in the future.

Galaxy S22: Samsung relies on recycled fishing nets

There is a premiere in the upcoming Galaxy S22 models: for the first time, Samsung does not just want to use recycled plastic as a material , but fish it out of the sea. According to the group, these are old fishing nets that have been collected and reworked. The form in which the recycled plastic is used in the Galaxy S22 has not yet been communicated.

According to Samsung, it will not stay with the flagship models. In the future, more Galaxy phones will be equipped with plastic from fishing nets . The in-house program “Galaxy for the Planet” is responsible for this and is to be expanded (source: Samsung Newsroom ).

In the announcement, Samsung points out that sea plastic is by no means just plastic bottles or bags. In coastal regions in particular, nets that are destroyed during work or even deliberately discarded pose a great danger. The group speaks of 640,000 tons of fishing nets that disappear into the seas as “ghost nets” every year. The number comes from a report by the United Nations Environment Program.

We’ll find out how Samsung will use the recycled plastic at the Unpacked event . This will take place on February 9, 2022 . In addition to the standard version of the Galaxy S22, a larger Plus version and an even better equipped Ultra model can be expected. Details on the hardware of the Galaxy S22 cell phones are already known.



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