Use pro functions for free: The best alternatives to the PDF tool Adobe Reader

PDF files have become indispensable in everyday life. The universal file format displays content the same way on any device. Probably the best-known PDF reader comes from Adobe. There are some strong alternatives, which I will present to you below.

There are more tools in the PDF world than in almost any other area. If you only want to view PDF files, you can now do this conveniently in your browser. Many also use the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader . However, it repeatedly draws attention to itself with security gaps and quickly reaches its limits in the free version.

Anyone who does not get along with the Adobe tool or would like more functions can fall back on numerous free tools. Below we have selected three recommended PDF readers for you that are a good match for Adobe.

Foxit Reader: Convert scans to editable PDFs

Fast as lightning and completely free: Foxit Reader.

The free Foxit Reader comes with numerous useful extras on your computer. In contrast to Adobe, you can also convert scanned documents or images into PDF files in the free version, which can then be searched and edited. Redacting text or images safely is also possible with Foxit Reader, as well as adding images to a PDF file.

Practical: The Foxit Reader shines with its extraordinary speed. Even PDF files with several hundred pages can be opened quickly and reliably.

PDF-XChange Editor: Redact text irrevocably

The PDF-XChange Editor is one step ahead of the free version of Adobe Reader, especially when it comes to multimedia. With the free tool, it is easily possible to convert images and Microsoft Office files directly into PDFs or to add audio comments. In addition, tools for text translation can be integrated directly into the PDF reader.

The XChange Editor has been one of our absolute favorite downloads for many years . The numerous features make up for the somewhat old-fashioned surface.

PDF XChange Editor: The long-running favorite among PDF readers.

3rd alternative: Insert images into PDF files

A third alternative to Adobe Reader is the free Icecream PDF Editor . In the free version, you can insert images into PDF files, edit the text in a PDF and extract individual pages as a new PDF file.

The user interface of the tool has a modern design and is very clearly structured thanks to the sidebar. Annotations and comments are much faster than with Adobe Reader. The only drawback: The standard watermark can only be removed in the Pro version.



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