Logitech Signature M650 – wireless mice for right and left-handed users

The biggest problem among pointing devices is probably the lack of an adequate number of models aimed at left-handed people. It has been known for a long time that there are many such users in the world and there are not so many devices to choose from. The Logitech brand has recently come to the rescue, releasing a very comfortable and subdued wireless mouse – Logitech Signature M650 . This model was created by default for right-handed users in two sizes – medium and large, but the company also created a left-handed version, prepared for a larger hand … fortunately.

Great mouse at a low price

The manufacturer sells M650 mice in plastic, sealed packages that can be placed vertically. It is a minimalist form of transport, in which, in addition to a mouse and USB receiver, we also find an AA battery and extensive documentation. In Europe, three color versions are available – white, pink and graphite. For review, I received a left-handed ( large, graphite ) and right-handed ( small, white ) version. I decided to discuss both models at the same time to pay attention to their similarities and design differences. 

The mice are made of very good quality plastic, and their surface has a slightly rough finish. Taking the mice in my hands for the first time, I had the impression that they are some toys, because their weight is very low, despite the fact that they are made of a high shelf. Each of the elements has been perfectly matched with each other, so we will not see sharp edges, crackling elements or incorrectly folded parts here. The sides of the device have a rubber texture with a wavy finish, significantly improving the grip. On this surface, the manufacturer has placed two function buttons with a very good stroke.

The big advantage of the M650 models are certainly the very quiet mechanisms of the main buttons. The manufacturer used the proprietary SilentTouch technology , which, according to the assurances, reduces the noise of clicks by up to 90% compared to, among others, the Logitech M170 mouse. Between the buttons there is a SmartWheel, which uses the well-known magnetic mechanism from the MX Master 3 . The roll works very smoothly, and the jump while scrolling is very well felt, despite the fact that it offers very little resistance to the premium model. The user can scroll the content in steps, or hold the reel, press and move the content without any resistance. There is a LED just below the rollerinforming about the device status – operating mode and battery charge status. As you can see in the graphics, the M650 mice are now equipped with ” tails “, after which they are removed, the batteries are ready for operation. 

The chassis of the mice is decorated with four Teflon sliders located at the edges . An additional one surrounds the optical sensor, giving the device a great smoothness to move on flat surfaces. Next to the sensor, there is a power slider and a Bluetooth connection button with an LED indicator that the devices are paired correctly. 

The rear panel has a sliding flap with a Bolt receiver underneath and space for an AA battery. We are very pleased that the manufacturer has equipped the mouse with a Duracell LR6 1.5V battery , which is supposed to serve us in theory for up to 24 months on a single charge in the case of communication with the receiver


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4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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