Locked out of Instagram? Your friends help you

Instagram friends help you regain access to your own account. (Image source: Unsplash )

If suddenly there is no longer access to the Instagram account, then friends can soon be of help. In order to be able to log in to Instagram again, they indirectly get you a new password. Attackers have such bad cards.

Instagram: Restore account access via friends
Instagram has announced a special feature as part of Safer Internet Day that will make life difficult for attackers . If your own account has been hacked – or if it is no longer possible to log in for other reasons – then friends can be involved. They will then help you to access the account again without any problems.

The social media platform calls the new feature “ask friends for help” . First, however, affected users must become active themselves and enter their password in the app, with which they last had access to their account. Two friends are then chosen. As a tip, Instagram also advises that these two friends should also be informed outside of the platform that they are among the chosen ones.

The two Instagram friends then have 24 hours to respond to the request. If both confirm the identity, a new password can then be created (source: Instagram ). Then access is possible again as usual. Attackers still using the old password can no longer cause damage.

Instagram: More details on account protection to come
Instagram has only announced the helpful feature so far . More details are to follow soon. A launch date has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, Instagram also refers to the security check in the app , which has been available worldwide since summer 2021. Various options for account security are presented there in a bundled form. A two-stage authentication can also be activated via the security check.

This is how you can restore account access via friends. Image: Instagram

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