Smartphone app that can detect blood clotting.

It was created by its creator Shyam Golkota

It already contains a chemical and copper microscopic particles in a bowl smaller than a shirt button. Now it is shaken by adding a small amount of blood to it and installing it on a smartphone. A small motor vibrates in the earphones. In this process, thanks to the smartphone camera app keeps noting the condition of thickening in the blood. After a few minutes, the app automatically reveals the risk of blood clots, because when the blood thickens due to vibration, the movement of copper particles in it is minimized. If the risk of blood clots is high, the movement of the particles stops completely.

Young scientists at the University of Washington have devise 30$ home test that can predict blood clots. Photo: University of Washington

Blood clots are a direct cause of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Now with a low cost app and a simple device, a drop of blood sample can be used to detect the tendency to become lumpy in it.

The study was conducted by a young student at the University of Washington. The accuracy ratio is the same as the traditional and expensive test. It can even be used at home.

It was created by its creator Shyam Golkota and cost only $30. The most important thing in this test, which works with the vibration of a smartphone, is the algorithm that monitors the process of blood clotting.

Although blood clotting and clotting tests are performed all over the world, people who suffer from it need such tests again and again. In this way, thanks to the smartphone test, by checking the concentration of blood at home, heart attack and stroke can be prevented.



4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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