While playing, the child learns a lot of skills. What toys support development?

Children learn and develop best through play, and the selection of appropriate toys can additionally support their development. In order for them to fulfill their role, several factors must be taken into account.

Contrary to popular belief, toys are not only for entertainment purposes. Thanks to them, children of all ages can develop the skills they will need at a given stage of their lives. Properly selected interactive toys have a positive effect on the motor skills of young children, while the older ones help to develop their imaginations and expand their knowledge about the world. Learning while playing is most effective because it is an interesting activity, not a chore. The article lists some examples of toys that particularly support a child’s development.

Educational mat

Educational mats for babies are very practical and multifunctional toys. They are a portable playground, they are an ideal space for exercising the child’s motor skills, enabling him to actively develop motor skills and providing the joy of discovering new stimuli. Children learn hand-eye coordination, lifting their heads, controlling hand movements, and understanding the relationship between cause and effect. There are many types of mats on the market with various elements that support the development of a baby, such as playing music boxes, safe mirrors or rattles. It is also a safe space for crawling.

Puzzles and jigsaws

On store shelves you will find many puzzles and puzzles that are adapted to the age of the child. They can be great entertainment for a baby as well as fun for the whole family. Puzzles train the brain perfectly, teach logical thinking and analytical activities. They also deepen the imagination. When arranging the little pieces, the child’s brain has to reach into working memory for information about colors and shapes. This activity also influences the development of the toddler’s manual skills. During play, children train motor skills, learn perceptiveness and patience.

Interactive books

Among the toys intended for small children, there should be interactive books with activating elements. Illustrations, different textures, shapes and textures stimulate the baby’s senses, with an emphasis on touch and eyesight. Interactive books require the child’s involvement, opening windows, moving individual elements, touching. They teach that each action brings effects, sharpens perceptiveness and develop cause-and-effect thinking. The subject of content intended for babies is also valuable. Among interactive books, you can find those that show various phenomena related to everyday life, e.g. housework, or the world around us, e.g. with animals and nature.

Interactive toys

Interactive toys teach the child to respond to various stimuli. For example, if a toddler presses a button, the toy may play, move or light up. Depending on the model, the toys can teach letters, numbers, shapes and colors. They also help children associate specific sounds with certain activities, objects or animals. These types develop a child’s curiosity and teach them basic knowledge about the world.

Construction set

Thanks to the blocks, children learn to grasp, their manual skills and motor skills increase. The play of matching different elements and shapes also supports creativity and the ability to think logically. Parents can choose a variety of bricks, smaller, larger, made of plastic or wood, to suit different age groups of children. You can play with blocks in many ways. Not only by building, but also sorting or counting, and larger sets of blocks allow you to play with other children. Activity in a group teaches how to cooperate and has a positive effect on the social abilities of the youngest.


Author: DoctorMaryam.org

4th Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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