Apple Touch ID not coming back? iOS 15.4 reveals Apple is focusing on Face ID

Apple’s Touch ID, a security feature for the company’s iPhone models, may not return as the company focuses on improving its current Face ID feature. Since the release of the advanced Touch ID feature, the tech giant has started integrating it into its smartphones.

The first model to have this feature was the iPhone 5 in 2013. Then the iPhone 6 and other models followed. However, Touch ID integration was discontinued by Apple after the announcement of the iPhone X. Some consumers criticized the move since the company recently announced an under-display sensor, as reported by MacRumors.

At the time, the company said it was two years ahead of the competition, but five years after the launch of the iPhone X, it still looks like Apple was, at least, half a decade ahead of the competition. its competitors in facial recognition.

According to the latest report from 9To5Mac, the release of iOS 15.4, which is expected to roll out in the coming weeks, means the popular Touch ID will no longer be available .

Rumors about the removal of Touch ID began after the global COVID-19 pandemic began. Some consumers find this fingerprint recognition feature quite effective, as it works very easily and quickly. However, the bitten-apple giant is now considering using Face ID technology, as it is more secure than Touch ID technology. With Face ID, all you have to do is look at your iPhone screen. After that, it will open automatically.

Face ID is now more efficient
Apple’s Face ID still has some issues. One of them is its inaccuracy when the user wears masks. Remember that people around the world might still need to wear face coverings since the global pandemic can last for years until it is completely neutralized.

For this reason, Apple has come up with a simple solution to solve the problem of masks, which is to integrate the eye recognition function into Face ID . This new feature should be available as soon as iOS 15.4 is released. Thanks to this innovation, Apple consumers will soon be able to unlock their iPhones even when wearing a mask in public



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