Surprising signs of depression that people ignore

There are several symptoms of depression – shutter stock photo

Many people experience anxiety and depression at different stages of life which increases the risk of other diseases along with gaining weight.

But the question is, how can a person be diagnosed with depression?

 There are some specific symptoms of depression which most people are unable to recognize and suffer from more serious disorders.

But there are also some symptoms that, despite being common, people ignore.

Knowing these symptoms will definitely help you.

Excessive shopping

If shopping is out of your control and you start spending more than you need to, know that this is not uncommon in some people with depression.

Now whether they go to a store or on the internet, such pointless purchases are made primarily to distract themselves or boost their self-confidence.

But this ‘retail therapy’ is short-lived because it does not reduce depression.


Depression can also be a cause of forgetfulness. Research reports have shown that persistence of depression or stress increases the levels of a hormone cortisol in the body.

This causes the part of the brain that is associated with memory and learning to shrink or weaken.

Depression-related memory loss may be worse in older people, but the good news is that treating depression improves memory-related problems.

Excessive Internet use

Prefer to connect with people online instead of direct communication. Or spend most of your life on the Internet.

So it can also be a sign of depression, according to research reports there is a link between too much depression and too much internet use.

Overeating and obesity

A study from the University of Alabama in the United States found that adolescents with depression are more likely to gain body weight around the waist, which also increases the risk of heart disease.

Other research reports have shown a link between overeating, especially in middle-aged people, and depression.

Treating depression also helps to overcome these problems.

Pick up things

This may sound strange, but depressed people carry things in their pockets or bags while shopping for no reason.

Doing so gives them a sense of power and self-importance, and they do so without realizing it. They have no interest in what is being stolen.

Back ache

Back pain that doesn’t go away? Research reports have shown that depression increases the risk of chronic lower back pain.

One study found that 42% of people with chronic back pain suffered from depression before the onset of the condition.

Because most people are not diagnosed with depression or they ignore it, people do not realize that it can be linked to depression.

Emotions dominate

People with depression often show very little emotion, but when they do, they are overwhelmed.

They suddenly become irritable or irritable, their emotions like sadness, despair, worry or fear increase a lot.

Some people feel that they are worthless or have unreasonable regrets. This sudden change in behavior may be due to depression.


People with depression are twice as likely to smoke, and they smoke more than they need to.

The more depressed they are, the more they will smoke and it will be harder for them to quit.

Don’t take care of yourself

People who do not have their own worries can also be a sign of depression and lack of self-confidence.

These people have a variety of symptoms such as not brushing their teeth, skipping exams or not worrying about diseases including diabetes.

Treatment for depression also helps people take care of themselves.



3rd Professional Medical Student. Karachi Medical and Dental College.

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