New Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night

Source : Samsung

Samsung promises that people can take best moments of their lives with pro-grade AI camera features which comes with Galaxy S series.

The company has recently launched two flagship smartphones S22 and S22+. Both these devices come with dynamic cameras with advanced intelligent image processing. These features will enable people to take stunning moments of their lives. 

 TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ MX (Mobile eXperience) Business called these devices with groundbreaking camera capabilities that work day and night, powered by our best mobile performance yet.

Samsung’s Most Intelligent Cameras with revolutionary new Nightography features

The Galaxy S22 series’ revolutionary new Nightography features comes with 23% larger sensor than earlier models like S21 and S21+. The good thing with the cameras are this they come with Adaptive Pixel technology.

The cameras have been designed in such a way that they let in more light , draw out details and capture stunning colors that make your pictures stand out in all lighting conditions including in darkness. 

Samsung has given a powerful 50MP main camera, 10MP tele-lens, and 12MP ultra-wide lens in both the devices. Combination of these lenses will enable people to capture high quality shots. 

Samsung has added a new feature for people who love make videos using their smartphones. This feature is called new Auto Framing2 feature. 

This feature automatically detects and tracks up to 10 people and adjust camera’s focus according so you can take clear pictures. 

Both these devices S22 and S22+ have advanced VDIS technology. This technology control vibration and lets you capture smooth and sharp footage while you are on the move. 

Samsung’s latest AI technology makes it easy to take perfect Portrait mode photos with the new AI Stereo Depth Map. It captures photos with the smallest details. The new Portrait mode helps prevent pet hair from blending into the background, so you always get the best shot of your pet.



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